Woman Marries World-Renowned Pickup Artist, We Think She’s Crazy

Ami Angelowicz | July 9, 2010 - 2:50 pm

I’m still feeling unsettled about this story. Twenty-three-year-old Amanda was studying in London when she met Adam Lyons, a pickup artist famous for his manifesto, Principles of Attraction. Specifically, he was hooking up with her friend at a nightclub. But still, the two had a “love at first sight” moment. Adam ditched her friend and invited Amanda to one of his pickup artist classes and she gladly accepted. How romantic.
From there, Adam and Amanda spent every day together for the next two months. When she had to return to the States, they decided to do a long-distance relationship. Finally, Adam picked up and moved to Texas to be with her. Wha? And then he asked her to be his business partner and wife. Double wha? So now, these two are living happily-ever-after as pickup husband and wife.

How did this pickup artist fall in love? Well, he was tired of banging so many chicks. “I [no longer needed] the validation of banging some hot blonde to see if I still can. It gets to a point where you’ve slept with so many different girls that it’s not fun anymore … you do two at once, three at once, four at once, and then you videotape it all, and then . . . Where’s the challenge? It isn’t there. And you realize that all of it’s hollow,” said Adam. He sounds like a gem.

Anyone else not buying this guy’s game? Amanda, run! [NY Post]