13 Assumptions We Make About Pretty Women

Have you ever met a drop-dead, gorgeous, this-person’s-face-could-launch-a-thousand-ships woman? Then you may dig this article I read on The Gloss called “Do You Ever Hate Women Because They’re Beautiful?” Jennifer Wright sees a Victoria’s Secret model coming out of her apartment building (she either lives there or has a friend/partner there) and of course the doorman and men in the lobby are falling over themselves. “And my first thought,” Wright writes, “was ‘f**k you, bitch, I hate you.'”

OK, it’s not the most sensitive — or rational — of responses. (Wright acknowledges it’s “a stupid, pre-feminist cliche to hate someone because they’re prettier than you are.”) Jealousy makes us feel this way, of course. But I think those of us who have “I hate you” moments also make a lot of assumptions about beautiful women. I checked with my fellow Frisky bloggers and here’s some of the assumptions we’ll cop to having made about the Giseles, Angelinas, and Tyras of the world:

  1. She’s dumb.
  2. Anything she’s accomplished, it was because she’s pretty.
  3. She’s confident.
  4. She can have any guy she wants!
  5. She’s straight.
  6. She barely eats to maintain her perfect figure.
  7. She’s never had her heart broken.
  8. She’s never lonely.
  9. She’s boring and has nothing interesting to say.
  10. She looks just like that when she wakes up in the morning.
  11. She always flies first class.
  12. That guy is only with her because she’s hot, not because she could be a really nice person or hilariously funny.
  13. She thinks she’s beautiful

Of course, that Victoria’s Secret model in Wright’s building could have a chronic disease, or a parent who is dying, or a painful love life. We simply don’t know: we just assume her life is perfect because she has the type of body society tells us we’re supposed to want.

Most of us will never bump into a Vicky’s model while checking our mail, but many of us will still have those “I hate you” moments in our own lives. In the spirit of the sisterhood — a quaint notion, that! — let’s all try to remember no one’s life is perfect, not even Veronika in the lace teddy on page 36.

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