Tavi The Professional Prepares For BlackBook Shoot With Mood Boards

The way things are going, it seems almost condescending to still refer to Tavi as a fashion blogger. The teen is really more of a professional these days, and is scoring paid gigs that most grown-up fashion industry workers would kill to have. For her latest project, Tavi is styling a shoot for BlackBook’s September issue (September!) that was originally supposed to be modeled by Chloe Sevigny (Chloe Sevigny!). Unfortunately, Chloe had to drop out, and they found a replacement. Above are some of Tavi’s mood boards, which she brought to the BlackBook offices to show to editors pre-shoot. Hey! Those kinda look like our own teenage scrapbooks. So … we could have totally been fashion editors at 2 years old, right?

Naturally, however, Tavi’s got some real skills and insider industry knowledge. (We love this: When BlackBook editors apologize for the state of their fashion closet, saying, “This isn’t like the Vogue closet,” Tavi says, “Nothing is like the Vogue closet.”) We’ll be waiting for September to see the final product! [BlackBook]