Should LeBron James “Upgrade” His Girlfriend Now That He’s Going To Miami?

The big question women across the nation are dying to know the answer to is whether LeBron James will propose to his longtime girlfriend and children’s mother, Savannah Brinson, or will he find new love while in Miami — that’s according to Hollywood Life. I bet you weren’t even thinking about LeBron’s love life this week. Hollywood Life, however, thinks he should ditch Savannah, whom he has dated since high school, because if he hasn’t married her by now, then they must be unhappy and he must be a commitment-phobe. Newsflash, you don’t have to be married to make a commitment to each other or to be happy. Not only that, but what’s with this assumption that he’s the one who doesn’t want to get married? What’s even more annoying is that he’s supposed to replace the woman who stuck by him when he had nothing and is the mother of little LeBron and Maximus James with a woman who would be perfect for him because she looks good in a bikini. Seriously, that was Hollywood Life’s only criteria. Forget that Kim Kardashian rose to fame because of her sex tape. And that Elin Nordegren is only single because Tiger Woods couldn’t keep it in his pants. And speaking of Elin and Tiger, would you believe Rachel Uchitel is supposed to be adequate competition for Savannah? And I won’t even get started on the ridiculousness of fame whores Audrina Patridge and Snooki as girlfriend picks.

I also find it pretty suspect that out of the 16 choices, only four are black women. LeBron clearly has an attraction to black women. Imagine that. Is it ludicrous for a successful black NBA player to want a black woman on his arm? Obviously, Hollywood Life thinks so or maybe Kelly Rowland, Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, and Selita Ebanks are the only female black celebrities the site cares to follow. There are enough single, female, black celebrities to fill up this list and more.

I hope LeBron and Savannah stay together. And if they want to get married, then that’s great. And if they don’t, then that’s great too. [Hollywood Life]