Need A Quick Summer Hair How-To For Your Weekend Plans?

Given the recent increase in temperatures and summer’s obvious arrival, I’m searching for any way to tie up my long locks and get them off the nape of my neck, without resorting to plain and basic ponytails. And to add to my hair issues, this weekend I’m heading to humid Baltimore, Maryland for a friend’s (outdoor) wedding — I’ve been looking for a simple but pretty up-do that’s easy enough to replicate, but looks fancy and intricate without spending hours (and dollars) at the salon. Thanks to this how-to based on Emma Roberts’ chic bun, I now have a great wedding hairstyle which is simple and easy to emulate — not to mention ideal for fancy warm weather occasions or a day at the office. There’s minimal effort involved, very few steps, and even less products. Read on for the quick instructions!

  1. Start with a very high ponytail.
  2. Don’t stress over flyaways but do allow for a bit of volume on the top of the head for statement.
  3. Twist the ponytail into a bun. For a smaller bun, twist close to the hair-tie, or for a larger one, allow the bun to expand.
  4. Use bobby-pins to hold bun in place.
  5. Generously apply hairspray to hold in place. Voila!