In Bed With … Joe Manganiello

Born: December 28, 1976 in Pittsburgh, PA
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Aries
Mercury: Capricorn
Venus: Aquarius
Mars: Sagittarius

Love Style:

Think of He-Man and you’ve got the idea of Joe in love. Yes, not a man to stray from tradition, “True Blood”‘s latest hunk likes being the protector, the provider and the pursuer. He acts fast and is passionate about whom he’ll fall for. However, when it comes to real emotions, he can be detached and slow to offer trust. He tends to idealize everything and can often find that reality doesn’t measure up; when this happens, he’s out of there fast. But for the times he is feeling the love, Mr. Man will show up to your door with flowers, wine and dine you, and want you to meet his mom. He likes all those routine markers one does to signify a serious relationship — yet, while the structure of his relationships are conservative, luckily the interests he’ll want to share aren’t. He’s adventurous and wants to explore the world, the great outdoors and be part of a community. So get ready with bags packed, as this isn’t a man who likes to sit still. Pack all you need, because — lucky you! — he is the kind of guy that will haul all your luggage for you.

Sex Style:

Chances aren’t so great that he’s going to impress you in the sack right off the bat. Most likely he will be too aggressive and selfish and it’ll take time to get over his “hungry man” sex style, as he truly is too excited for his own good. You’ll need patience and a lot of direction to help him to find his groove — but he’s a guy who can take direction, so it’s just a matter of time. Plus, being that he is so open, the good news is that he’s also into any new ideas and loves kink. He has a curious side and will like to dabble with the idea of role-playing power positions. While he will tend to want to be the top, how he exerts his force can come in many different ways. So, pick your safe word and down those energy shakes, as stamina is a prerequisite for getting it on with him, because once he starts up and syncs up, he’ll get more precise with time, hitting your bull’s-eye each and every time.

His Type:

Joe isn’t the kind of guy who likes to stick out per se and for that, he tends to like the girl who’s pretty in the conventional sense. However, chances are who he sticks around with are the girls who are a bit quirky, as he does have a penchant for the exotic and perhaps the bizarre. No matter, what comforts him is the familiar, so do expect he’ll like the girl who could be the prom queen but probably is way more non-conformist internally than she appears. Joe is the guy with the meat-and-potatoes comfort zone and likes a woman who can look good next to him. However, looks are deceiving; the nerdy types with a classic sense of style are the ones who really get him turned on. He gets hard for a gal with a wild sense of adventure and spirituality — a girl who isn’t scared to go off the beaten path and can encourage his more daring side. He does like a gal who can compete with him a little and give him a run for his money, as that is what makes him passionate and feel like a real man.

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