Fashion Bloggers Mocking Fashion Bloggers

It’s fairly easy to make fun of the Rumis and Tavis of the world. When young and pretty fashion bloggers post self-styled photos, they become what I call “hate bait”: people bash on these fashion figures if not out of jealousy, then something a bit more misguided that stems from their own shortcomings. Vincent Pianina and Lorenzo Papace are two artsy French guys who, I think it’s fair to say, have little aspiration to make it onto Teen Vogue’s next “bloggers to watch” list. Yes, they’re in the business of mocking fashion bloggers, but they do it artistically and wittily on their blog, Le Petit Écho Malade (which sort of translates into “the little sick echo”) by re-staging self-portraits and street snaps. While they’ve riffed off of some more iconic images like Tavi’s ginormous pink bow, you don’t really need to know the references in the rest of the photographs, just that the duo is copying an indulgent mentality. Case in point: A girl blogger poses coyly, looking like she’s on the verge of fainting, clad in bird-patterned tights. Le Petit Écho Malade’s translation: A dude looking surprised in a too-tight shirt and real birds attacking his tights. Sick. Check after the jump for some more images! [Le Petit Écho Malade via High Snobette]