The Best/Worst Of The Week: July 9

Because some things are just better, or worse, than others, we’re starting a weekly column where we remind you of the most awesomely good and heinously bad things that happened each week. After the jump, our picks. But please, add your own nominations in the comments.Worst: Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson allegedly threatens to kill Oksana Grigorieva and says he hit her twice because she “f**king deserved it.” For that, and many other reasons involving racial slurs and egregious acts of a**holery, Mel Gibson f**king deserves our worst of the week honors. Though Jake Pavelka came in a close second with his douchey showing on “The Bachelor Breakup Special.”

Best:The Cat With Bionic Paws

Oscar the Cat can walk again again thanks to science! Everybody loves a happy kitty. Who can chase mice.