Are Multiple Birthday Parties Becoming, Like, A Thing?

Last night, circa 8 p.m., you would have found me three-deep in cherry vodka cocktails. Tomorrow’s agenda? Cupcakes on the beach. Why all the fuss? My bestest friend in all the world/co-pilot in Lindsay Lohan self-tanner-testing, Christiane, is turning 26. Drinks with the girls aren’t enough for this bitch! She won’t be happy until we’re singing “Happy Birthday” as we pick pieces of sand out of our frosting.

This is not my first bout with multiple birthday celebrations. People are still mocking my boyfriend for hosting four — yes, four — birthday parties this year. But it wasn’t because of a big ego or anything like that: David is just the most friendly, social guy on the planet and he celebrated four times with different friends who couldn’t all make it on one night. I guess if four different groups of pals offer to pay for your drinks/dinner, why not go for it?It’s not just my loved ones who sip Bacardi like it’s their birthday (even when it’s not). Fame whore/lifecaster Julia Allison has hosted a “Bi-Coastal Birthday” with her pal Randi Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s sister) for several years. Who else throws multiple birthday parties? Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton.

My own birthday last March was downright humble in comparison. My big sister, Simcha, and I went out for dinner after work and … yeah, that was it. I guess I’m just a big loser-face, though, because very merry un-birthdays are apparently all the rage.