5 Things A Single Woman Should Always Have In Her Bag

Most women carry a pocketbook, a bag, a purse, or whatever they may choose to call it. Aside from the basic necessities, such as a phone, planner, wallet, and an iPod, a single woman requires her own set of must-haves. Being single is all about being independent, enjoying life alone, and, if you’re ready, finding the right someone to have fun with. But while the single life may be spontaneous sometimes, a little preparation goes a long way. It’s hard to enjoy yourself if you’re worried about something, right? Here are the five simple things a single woman should always carry with her, so there’s never an excuse not to make the best out of the single life.

  1. Toothbrush: A toothbrush is completely necessary to have in your bag, even if it’s just a compact travel size one. There is never anything sexy about food in your teeth or bad breath. And in the case of a random sleepover, morning breath is not a good thing to wake up to. If you have a toothbrush in your bag, then you’re prepared to tackle the aftermath of that amazing salad that kept getting stuck in your teeth, that garlic dish that left you with stinky breath and, most importantly, you’ll be able to kiss that guy goodbye in the morning without feeling like he might drop dead. Colgate makes a disposable toothbrush called a WISP, which is a good one to keep in your bag.
  2. Birth control: Whether you’re on a birth control pill or using a certain device, it is important to always carry it with you. While some people may be irresponsible and often misplace things, it is better to have your birth control with you at all times then to chance not taking it at all. It’s also important for single women to carry condoms. You can’t rely on a dude to always supply them. If you have a condom on you, your chances of making stupid mistakes decrease exponentially. Wrap that pecker up and be safe. You can even carry your condoms in a classy and discrete condom case.
  3. Panties: Whether it’s 100 degrees outside and you’re sweating uncontrollably down there, just had a quickie, got your period, or simply don’t feel fresh for that date you have later, hygiene is always important. Keeping a spare pair of panties may seem silly, but they actually come in handy when you least expect them.
  4. Gum or mints: You can’t always brush your teeth when you want to because, well, toothpaste isn’t dispensed in public bathrooms yet. So, when you’re in need of fresh breath at the spur of the moment, pop in a piece of gum or a mint and you’ll be fresh and ready to meet or talk to anyone without worrying about bad breath.
  5. Your #1 makeup necessity: Whether it’s a random drink date with a guy you just met on the street, an impromptu dinner date with the girls, or the morning after, what is that one item from your makeup bag that you have to use? Whether it’s your favorite lipstick, mascara, or eyeliner, keeping that one makeup necessity in your bag will allow you to always feel confident.