Why Are Celebs Bundling Up In Hollywood?

nicole richie 070810 splash g1 jpg
So, Southern California is experiencing a bit of cold spell. The average temp is usually in the 80s this time of year, but lately the degrees have been hovering in the 70s and that’s on a good sunny day. When it’s cloudy, the temperature can feel like 64 degrees. It’s so “cold” that celebrities like Nicole Richie have dug their boots, leather jackets, knit hats, tights, and thick scarves out of their closets. But as an east coaster, who has actually experienced 40-degree temps in June, I have to say that 60- and 70-degree temps aren’t actually cold enough to warrant winter accessories or footwear in the summer. A light jacket or a cardigan, yes, but thick layering is unnecessary. Maybe L.A. can send some of the chill over here where it reached the triple digits this week because I’m getting hot just looking at these celebs.
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