Online Dating Site For Your “Can’t Believe They’re Still Single” Friends

Another day, another new online dating site for me to try and then quit! features profiles of single dudes posted by their friends, family members, or exes, essentially vouching for their awesomeness. The idea is that we all know someone who’s funny, cute, smart, etc., who would make a great significant other for someone but for some odd reason they’re single. The site acts on the idea that people respond to recommendations — before choosing a new place to eat, don’t you check out the reviews or ask friends for their opinions? Why not do the same thing with dating? There is a sort of, oh, desperate, pitying undertone to the whole concept, of course. “How on earth is Amelia still single? She’s funny and she gives great blowjobs! Surely someone out there would want to date her?!” On the other hand, Great Boyfriends (which is also totally open to women under their “Great Girlfriends” category) is really no different than being set up by a friend (who also must fill out a little bit of info about themselves), only the pool of potential matches has widened. Of course, that’s if the guys and gals with profiles know they’re being set up via online dating … Oh, what the hell! Someone sign me up. Don’t forget to include “is funny and gives great blowjobs,” OK? [via The Gloss]