Jillian Harris Contractually Obligated To Return Her Ring

What do you do with the ring when an engagement is called off? It’s one of those subjects people can debate for hours, and recently there have been a slew of court cases about it. But for Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski, who’ve ended their engagement, things are even more complicated since Ed didn’t technically buy the ring—ABC did. Jillian’s ring is a $60,000 monstrosity from Neil Lane, with a 2.05 carat stone in the center, six baguette cut diamonds around it, and a platinum band. And she is contractually obligated to return it. Apparently, “Bachelor” contracts stipulate that the ring belongs to the show until the couple has been together for two consecutive years. Even at that point, if things go sour and they want to sell or get rid of the ring, they have to give ABC a week’s notice, in written form. Geez, I wonder what the contract says about first-born children. Do they automatically have to be named Chris Harrison, regardless of gender? [Radar]