Where The Pervs Are: New iPhone App Tracks Street Harassment

It’s that time of year, ladies: heat waves burning across the continental U.S. and Leering McLeerers are coming out of the woodwork. (Or is it up from the sludge?) Not that McLeerers wait until sundress season to sexually harass women in public. Many is the man who finds something sexually foul to say when you’re wearing a down parka. A new iPhone app, soon to receive approval from the Apple app store, will let women in New York City chronicle their sexual harassment on a map. It’s created by the women behind the Hollaback! blogs, where women in cities across the country write in with their experiences of street harassment and sometimes even snap cellie pics of the douches who pester them.Why would we ladies want to log onto a smartphone to chronicle the pervs? If a lot of women do it, we will create tons of data about how often and where street harassment exists. The majority of streetside sexual harassment — “Oooh, if I could grab that ass…!” “I want to have sex with you!”, etc. — is a fleeting nuisance not worth involving the cops. But because it’s unreported, nobody has any idea how bad it gets! I hope the Hollaback! iPhone app data will be useful to police, the NYC government, women’s rights groups, and anyone else who has a stake in keeping women and girls safe on the streets — since clearly, covering up in a down parka does not work. [NY Daily News]