Dita Von Teese Struts In A Mechanical Jean-Paul Gaultier Corset

As though Jean-Paul Gaultier’s couture presentation weren’t awesome enough with its copious turbans and leather, Dita Von Teese capped off the show in a patent leather, jewel-encrusted, and, best of all, mechanical corset. Only vaguely skeletal from the front, the thing looked positively macabre (in a cool way) from the back. Click through for more images of Madame Von Teese strutting it in her skeleton corset and silk turban. [Styleite]
Officially the most glamorous vertebrae ever. Peep those black rhinestone Louboutins, too. The jealousy is coursing through our veins pretty hard. Although, we wonder if it’s even a little bit possible to dance in that thing. You’d probably end up bleeding internally.