Why Women Get Friskier As They Near 40

According to a new study, older women — “cougars,” if you must — are total horn dogs and they’ve got their waning fertility to blame (or credit?). Psychologists from the University of Texas at Austin polled almost 900 women about their attitudes towards sex, and learned that women aged 27 to 40 (those past their baby-making peak) have the best sex lives. Not only were they having sex more often than women younger and older, they thought about sex more and were more open to flings. Researchers say these findings suggest that a “woman’s libido picks up as her biological clock speeds up.” Professor David Buss said: “Results indicate women with declining fertility have greater sexual motivations and increased sexual behaviors than do women with relatively high fertility.” Dr Pam Spurr, a sex and behavior expert, added: “I often find it is women in their late thirties who seem to be having a lot of fun. There might be a subconscious level to this but also a conscious one — women are more informed about fertility levels falling after a certain age.” So, what about women who have had their tubes tied? Do they still “benefit” from, uh, “increased sexual motivations”? [via Daily Mail]