Tipper Gore Stands By Her Man. And I Respect That.

Even though Tipper and Al Gore are ending their 40-year marriage, Tipper is refusing to jump on the Al mud-slinging bandwagon. She is standing by her (ex) man, publicly saying that she thinks masseuse Molly Hagerty’s claims that Al sexually assaulted her are bogus. She’s also refuting other accusations that Al had relations with the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker—aka a cheerleader, a Hollywood producer, and Laurie David.The word is that it wasn’t the alleged 2006 massage incident that ruined their marriage. A friend of Tipper’s told People, “Tipper has known about these allegations since Al found out about them himself. She has known that massage has been very much a part of his health regimen for many, many, many years. She doesn’t believe any of the allegations that this woman is making and they played no role whatsoever in their decision to separate.”

My instinct here is to trust Tipper—she knows Al better than anyone. Though she really has nothing to gain by defending him, it seems like the former couple respects each other, even though they are dunzo. That’s how it should be. [People]