Lindsay Lohan’s Middle Finger Says How She Really Feels

Look, I don’t mean to be a bitch, but Lindsay Lohan’s hysterical reaction to being sentenced to 90 days in jail kind of made me snicker. I mean, homegirl has been making excuses for months about how she thought she was in compliance with her parole terms — despite missing hearings and getting photographed next to a table with perfectly laid-out lines of cocaine on display. And then she shows up for court yesterday and she has F**K U” written on one of her fingernails and I’m like, “Really, LiLo, we’re supposed to feel sorry for you? The judge is supposed to be lenient when you’re not-so-covertly giving her the finger?” How about some humility? In other news, Lindsay’s reaction to her sentencing, seen in the video after the jump, proves she still has some killer acting chops.