Lady Gaga’s 5 Most Dangerous Fashion Choices

Lady Gaga's 5 Most Dangerous Fashion Choices
Lady Gaga is to fashion as oil is to water; the two just don’t mix right and, in fact, can be a rather dangerous combination. Known for her risqué outfit choices, the pop star’s latest criticism has to do with the doe eye contact lens trend that she supposedly inspired with her “Bad Romance” video. Apparently, teens are scooping up these lenses to make their eyes pop like Japanese animé characters, but the trouble is that: a) they’re illegal (but unsurprisingly you can still get them online), and b) they pose a real health threat. If you wear contact lenses without a prescription, you risk severe eye irritation or worse, blindness. After the jump, more Lady Gaga fashion choices that should come with surgeon general warnings. [ABC News]
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