I Wish “Smart Girls At The Party” Had Been Around When I Was A Kid

How did I miss the memo about Amy Poehler’s awesome web series “Smart Girls at the Party”? Already in its second season, the concept is that Poehler and her co-hosts, Amy Miles and Meredith Walker, interview young girls who are “changing the world by being themselves.” They have all kinds of guests who are smart and talented, from tween rock band The Care Bears to a young lady who makes robots. Their motto, which I love, is: “Smart girls have more fun.” Yes, they do. They even expanded the project into a social networking site where smart girls around the world can get together and exchange ideas. Why wasn’t this show around when I was a kid? Oh, because there was no internet. But how great is it that there is a forum that encourages young girls to be passionate about something other than boys. [Smart Girls At The Party]