Are You Addicted To Facebook?

A study by Oxygen Media and Lightspeed Network claims that over one-third of women between the ages 18 to 34 check Facebook as soon as they wake up, before even heading to the bathroom. Researchers also found that of the 1,605 women surveyed, 39 percent call themselves “addicted” to the social networking site and 57 percent admit to talking online to friends more often than in person. Check out some more surprising numbers, after the jump.

  • Half of Facebook users think it’s totally fine to be “friends” with complete strangers.
  • 58 percent use their account to keep tabs on “frenemies” and nearly half think it’s fine to use Facebook in order to keep an eye on a boyfriend.
  • 42 percent of women think it’s fine to post pictures of themselves “visibly intoxicated” and 79 percent think kissing in pics is acceptable.
  • 9 percent of women have broken up via Facebook while a whopping 24 percent of men have done the same.
  • This could have something to do with the fact that 6 percent of women use Facebook to “hook up,” compared to 20 percent of men.