8 Creepy Celebrity Hauntings

haunt jim morrison jpg
If you ever get the urge to talk to Jim Morrison’s ghost, no need to travel to Paris where he died. Nope, the owners and staff of a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, aptly named Mexico, believe Jim is haunting their bathroom. This isn’t actually as random as it sounds—the building the restaurant occupies was once The Doors’ workshop and recording studio. Apparently, the vocal booth was located exactly where the bathroom now sits. “Jim Morrison is definitely still here,” said the restaurant’s manager. “Funky things happen all the time we can’t explain. Lights popping on and off at weird times. But when that bathroom door handle jiggles by itself, that’s the weirdest sign. It’s totally inexplicable.”

The restaurant’s chef adds, “We had someone come in before we opened up, to do a ‘spiritual cleaning’ to try and put everything at peace. But in the end they told us, ‘Sorry, whatever is here is not leaving.’” [AOL]

So where else can you go to commune with celebrity ghosts? Find out after the jump.

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