15 Times You Should Always Tell The Truth

Today is Tell The Truth Day and while we’ve covered — exhaustively, some might say — the top lies women tell men, men tell women, and we tell ourselves and our friends, there are certainly occasions when honesty truly is the best policy. After the jump, 15 times you should always tell the truth (to yourself or someone else).

  1. When you aren’t ready to take the relationship to the “next level.”
  2. When the sex is painful.
  3. When your stylist asks if you like your new cut.
  4. When your host asks if you have any allergies/food restrictions.
  5. When you’ve realized you aren’t into your significant other anymore.
  6. When your best friend asks if the $300 dress she’s thinking about buying makes her ass look big.
  7. When your new partner asks if you’ve been tested for STDs.
  8. When you’re under oath.
  9. When you apply/interview for a new job.
  10. When your doctor asks about your sexual history.
  11. When your boyfriend asks if he’s “doing it right” (whatever “it” might be).
  12. When you fill out your online dating profile.
  13. When it feels like the right thing to do.
  14. When the American public asks why we’ve gone to war.
  15. When you’ve sworn on your pet’s life. I mean, come on!