10 Ways To Keep From Going Insane In The Heat

I woke up sweating this morning even with the AC blasting in my room. Hooray! It’s 90+ degrees in NYC today! Maybe you have a stronger constitution than I, but this heat does not work for me, especially since I am prone to face sweat. Yuck! I consulted with other Frisky staffers to brainstorm ways to deal with this insane heat. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments. Lord knows I could use the help before I go crazy!

  1. Go to the movies. See “Eclipse” over and over again until you are not distracted by the makeup.
  2. Eat frozen yogurt for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  3. Keep your toner and/or face-cleaning cloths in the fridge and use liberally throughout the day.
  4. Break into the neighbor’s swimming pool and go for a dip. Or go to the beach legally and jump in the ocean.
  5. Read the entire Stieg Larsson series. At the library.
  6. Make schmoopy faces at your boo, because it’s too hot for cuddling or sex. Either that or ice cube BJs.
  7. Wear ice packs as fashion accessories.
  8. Experiment with the blender, making smoothies, flavored ice cubes, and frozen mixed cocktails. Ahem. Margaritas, bitches.
  9. Sit on top of your air conditioner or if you have a friend with central air, invite yourself over (just don’t forget a bottle of chilled wine).
  10. Exhibit time! You’ve been meaning to go to the museum anyway.