What Was Your Worst Dating Experience?

I’m newly single and definitely on the dating scene. I’ve dated a couple of guys here and there. Cute, not so cute, smart, not so smart, I consider men to be like ice cream flavors; you can’t judge until you’ve tried them. Well, this one wasn’t really worth trying. If I compared this date to ice cream, it would taste like old rotten milk with sprinkles and a Yarmulke on top. He asked me on a date and also asked that I pick the place. I picked a place that was fairly priced and conveniently located. Not only did he show up 10 minutes late, he showed up wearing a blue cotton button down collared shirt, tucked into light denim washed skinny, but not so skinny, jeans. They were a cross between skinny jeans and boot cut, quite frankly, I’m not sure what they really were. He had on a brown belt, and these awful black leather, scuffed, square toe loafers. I was already turned off. Call me super shallow but this outfit was too much to digest and we hadn’t even started dinner yet. We talked about life and what not and when the bill came, I put my hand on it and simply asked if I could split it with him. I’m not one to expect a man to pay for dinner, especially on a first day, but instead of simply answering with a “Yes, sure” like a gentleman would have, he responded by saying, “Yea, I was hoping you’d say that, I can’t afford to pay for a dinner for two people right now.” He then pulled out his headband and put it on his head to hold his hair back. I was so confused as to what was going on at the table. This date was a date from hell. I ended up paying for more of the bill than he did and I guess it was better off that way. I paid to not go on a second date.

This date was surely from hell, and beyond uncomfortable … do you have any terrible dating stories to share?

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