Nice Old Lady Lives With Husband’s Corpse, Twin Sister’s Corpse

First day back at work after the long weekend and looking for something to pick you up? Try this heartwarming tale of Jean Stevens, 91, who had her dead husband and twin sister dug up days after they were buried and then lived with their bodies. This simultaneously fascinating and stomach-churning story comes to you straight out of Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, where these sorts of things happen, apparently. She stuck the embalmed corpse of her husband of 60 years, James, on the sofa in the garage (he died 10 years ago), and she put her sister, June, dressed in her “best housecoat,” in a spare room (June died last October). Jean regularly went in and put makeup on June and sprayed perfume on her. “This way, I could touch her and look at her and talk to her,” Jean explained. Eventually, though, she got busted; no one knows who tipped off the police. “She’s no weirdo,” one neighbor explained. She simply didn’t like the idea of death, Jean said. [BuzzFeed]