Have You Dated A Penis Enhancement Pill Popper?

There is something about penis enhancement pills that just seems taboo. Almost like diet pills. You don’t want to admit to taking them because well they’re not healthy for you, and well, they’re simply for your appearance and nothing else, except your self esteem. At the spritely young age of 19, I never thought I would come in contact with penis enhancement pills, unless it was a commercial for viagra, in which I simply giggled and say “thank goodness my man doesn’t need that”. Then I met him.

I was dating a guy who was on the Football team in college. He had a body that looked like it was straight out of Playgirl, big blue eyes and a sweet personality; not to mention he was a country boy, accent and all, the only thing missing was a pair of overalls and cowboy hat. I thought, could he get any hotter? While I hate to admit he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, he was fun for the time being. We were dating for about a month and decided to have sex. He wasn’t the greatest kisser, but when I saw what he was packing that did not matter. Let me tell you about his penis …It was humongous, gigantic, enormous and every other word that could describe a huge penis. I was shocked and well, in heaven. It was pretty too, it was simply handsome. We continued to date for another month and a half and then it ended. It wasn’t the fact that he sucked at kissing, or that he was as dumb as a stump. I was helping him clean his room and I went to put some things in his night table drawer and there they were, staring at me … Extenze Maximum Strength Male Enhancement Pills.

He had clearly been taking the pills too, at least 10 of them were missing from the package. I didn’t know whether to be shocked, cry, laugh or just point and laugh at him, but I simply closed the drawer, and finished helping him clean his room. I thought about his penis all day long. I thought about whether or not it was naturally big or if it was big because of these pills he has clearly been taking. Then I started to wonder if maybe he wasn’t Mr. NaturalWonderDick, maybe he had a baby pecker and took these pills to help him. Maybe he was taking steroids? Maybe he was friends with ED … erectile dysfunction? Whatever it was, it was too much for me to handle. I had disregarded his stupidity and terrible kissing until I found out his dick was a fraud and dumped him. He went right into penis prison as far as I was concerned and I never dated him again. He didn’t understand what was wrong and why it ended, but I figured some things are simply better left unsaid. After all, what was I supposed to say, I’m sorry I’m over you because your penis is fake?

Have you ever dated a man who was taking penis enhancement pills? If not, how would you feel if you found out he was?