Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Kelis To Big Boi

Oh girl, it’s hot outside, but these jams are so scorchin’ they’re gonna to melt the friggin’ dance floor! This week Big Boi, Kelis, Thieves Like Us, and Kylie Minogue are on fire, but then we’ll cool down with What Laura Says. So, get those headphones on, and get ready to booty bounce in your office chair, because it’s gonna be one tune-acious Tuesday after the jump.

Big Boi, Sir Luscious Left Foot … The Son Of Chico Dusty
Fifty percent of Outkast, 100 percent H-O-T.

Kylie Minogue, Aphrodite
Kylie, even more naked than usual.

Thieves Like Us, Again & Again
What the future sounded like in the ’80s.

What Laura Says, Bloom Cheek
Indie hippies chill out in psychedelia and harmony.

Kelis, Flesh Tone
The woman who brought you “Milkshake” stirs up something sweet.