5 Things To Know About Jessica Simpson’s New Dude, Eric Johnson

Jessica Simpson’s got herself a new tight-end in former San Francisco 49ers player Eric Johnson. They’ve reportedly been dating since May when some friends introduced them, and according to a close source, “She is happy that she found a great guy.” It seems like Simpson’s love life has come full circle since she was unceremoniously dumped on the eve of her birthday last year. Meaning, she’s got a new footballer just in time for her 30th birthday on Saturday. [People]

In the meantime, we did some hardcore lurking to see if this guy’s good enough for our Jessica.

  • He’s Nice. A source at the NFL said of the hottie, “He is very smart, and he is one of the most down-to-earth athletes I know. … He is the polar opposite of what you think of when you say ‘player.’ He’s one of the nicest guys around. I’m surprised he is dating her. She is such a big star and he is so reserved.” I know people like to lambaste Simpson for saying really asinine things, but evidence is mounting that she might be a smart cookie since lately she’s been going for intelligent, off-the-grid guys (like Billy Corgan). It shouldn’t be too hard for Eric to at least be nicer than Tony Romo. [People]
  • He’s Retired. Johnson was drafted in 2001, straight from Yale, but missed all of the 2003 and 2005 seasons due to injuries. In 2004, he received 82 catches for 825 yards and scored two touchdowns. I don’t know what those things mean, but apparently they are good. In 2007, he signed a one-year contract with the New Orleans Saints for $2 million and was re-signed the following year, but in 2008 they released him and he became a free agent. It’s maybe a good thing that Johnson isn’t currently playing because Jessica got a lot of crap from superstitious Cowboys fans who called her Yoko Romo and accused her of messing up Tony’s game. George Bush even threatened to send her to the Democratic National Convention to get her out of the way! [Access My Library, Bleacher Report]
  • He’s a Smartie. The 30-year-old Yale grad was nicknamed “The Big Nerd” in college and spent his summers reading financial self-help books. Some of his favorites were, surprisingly, Smart Women Finish Rich and Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Johnson didn’t intend to go into professional football and only decided to give it a go his senior year, after breaking 11 school records while playing wide receiver for Yale. Maybe his financial smarts are the reason he can handle being retired from football at just 28 years old? [SF Gate]
  • He’s Divorced. Johnson and Simpson have both been divorced. Eric separated from his first wife, Keri Johnson, this February while Simpson got divorced from Nick Lachey in 2005. Sounds like this couple already has some matching baggage. [USA Trends, People]
  • He’s Environmentally Responsible. The 6’3″ former footballer didn’t blow his millions on Hummers and flashy homes. An NFL source said, “When I met him, he was driving a Prius.” It sounds like Johnson might be a good influence on Jessica, who’s recently taken up a vegan diet and started detoxing. Maybe they can be the new environmental crusaders that this country so desperately needs?

What do you think of Eric? Do we approve him as a boyfriend for our favorite hygienically challenged pop star?