10 Summer Style Dos And Don’ts

The sun is out and the heat is on. But just because you’ve said goodbye to the cold weather layers doesn’t mean you can say goodbye to common style rules. Bling-bling and bikinis, heels at the beach, and sunglasses indoors just aren’t fashionable, regardless of who is wearing them. After the jump, find 10 summer style dos and don’ts to keep you looking stylish, normal, and cool all summer long.

  1. Sunglasses belong outside. Sunglasses are called sunglasses for a reason — they belong in the sun. There is no reason to wear your sunglasses inside. After all, they’re not called shade-glasses. Duh.
  2. Flip-flops are NOT just beach attire. While some people think that flip-flops are only meant for the beach or the pool, they can make any outfit more casual, not to mention more comfortable. Slip on your flip-flops and wear them to a BBQ or day party with a sundress or shorts and you’ll be ready to party.
  3. Makeup isn’t waterproof for a reason. Unless you buy waterproof mascara or eyeliner, makeup isn’t really made to be worn underwater. Steer clear of wearing too much makeup to the beach or pool; it doesn’t look good or appropriate, especially when it’s dripping down your face.
  4. Don’t wear all white. OK, just because we passed Memorial Day weekend and we can technically wear white again, that doesn’t mean wear all white. White jeans with a white shirt, belt and shoes never looks cool, even when you’re going to a white-out-themed party. Instead, mix things up with some metallic accents.
  5. Don’t match your beach bag to your outfit. Unless you have a matching towel and beach bag for each bathing suit you own, stick to the non-matching look. The whole matched outfit thing looks like it belongs on a child. It’s simply tacky.
  6. Wear a hat. Most people don’t wear enough sunscreen — so slather up! — but you can at least protect your face from wrinkles and sun damage by wearing a cool hat.
  7. Chill with the bling-bling while sunbathing. Wearing one cute necklace or bracelet with your bathing suit is one thing, but being decked out in jewelry by the pool is not only tacky, it leaves you with terrible tan lines.
  8. Wear a swimsuit that fits. Everyone has a different body shape and there are bathing suits made for all body types. So, please, don’t wear one that is too small or too big for you. The key to looking good in a bathing suit is feeling good in a bathing suit. An ill-fitting suit may cause undesired attention.
  9. Heels are not meant for the beach. Unless you’re Shauna Sand (pictured above), there is no excuse for wearing heels to the beach or pool. It might be funny when your heel gets stuck in the boardwalk or you sink into the sand trying to look like a diva, but tripping and ruining some cute kid’s sandcastle … well, there is no excuse for that.
  10. Less is not always more. Just because it’s hot out does not give you the excuse to wear less clothing. Nothing about booty shorts or super mini-skirts is attractive, unless you’re looking for a pole.