The Boob Tube: Must-See TV For The Week Of July 5, 2010

Oh, television, you are a good companion. Thank you for always providing a good time and never talking back. After the jump, some shows to look forward to this week, from an HBO documentary about psychics, to Bethenny actually getting married, to a marathon of “Community.”

The Show: “No One Dies In Lily Dale”
Set Your DVR For: Monday, 9 p.m. (EST), HBO
This documentary about a town in New York that has an absurdly high concentration of psychics and mediums sounds completely fascinating. Maybe Farrah Fawcett’s ghost will reveal herself during it, like she did to Tori Spelling?

The Show: “Big Brother”
Set Your DVR For: Thursday, 8 p.m. (EST), CBS
Geez, “Big Brother” is kicking off its 12th season. My strategy for this show is to watch the season premiere. If the cast speaks to me, I continue. If not, I move on.

The Show: “Community”
Set Your DVR For: Thursday, 8 p.m. (EST), NBC
“Community” is one of those shows I started watching and liked, but then kept forgetting to record it and, well, you know. So I’m excited that this Thursday, NBC is running a marathon of eight episodes hosted by Joel McHale himself.

The Show: “Bethenny Getting Married”
Set Your DVR For: Thursday, 10 p.m. (EST), Bravo
The big day is finally here for Bethenney and Jason. And when I say “finally,” I mean that their engagement was only four weeks long. But still, this is the climax—the big day. We get to see what the other “Real Housewives” wear and the soon-to-be-infamous peeing-in-the-bucket scene.