Do You Need A Personal Trainer For Your Vagina?

Living a healthy lifestyle is imperative for a long and happy life. If you work out your off to a good start, but being in good shape is not only beneficial to your health; it is now beneficial to your vagina. That’s right, you read correctly. Not only can you now get a personal trainer to get your body into shape, you can get a personal trainer to get your vagina into shape. Your vagina can be worked out, and in doing so you can improve your love muscles and your sex life. After the jump, read more about how you can improve your vaginal muscles.
If you don’t know what kegels are, you should. Apparently they help hold your pelvic organs in place, help to control urination and when exercised properly can make orgasms feel even better by the contraction of the vaginal muscles. Kegels are pelvic exercises that help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Strengthening these muscles can help urinary problems, prepare your vagina for child birth and increase your sexual satisfaction. Back in 2008 we told you about Lauri Romanzi, M.D., a New York City Urogynecologist who preforms pelvic reconstructive surgery. Well, she is broadening her spectrum and now specializes in pelvic fitness too.

While Dr. Lauri Romanzi may be a pelvic muscle personal trainer who specializes in helping women gain vaginal strength, there are ways for us women to do this at home without a vaginal personal trainer. Squeeze your muscles down there as if you’re holding in a fart or keeping yourself from peeing, those muscles that you are contracting are not only your anal muscle but also your vaginal muscle. Doing a kegel is basically the feeling you get when you’re squeezing your muscles as you’re hoping that fart doesn’t come out or that you don’t pee in your pants after a long car ride. It is simply squeezing your vaginal muscles without the help of your thighs. Apparently, many women think they’re doing kegels the right way but instead of focusing on their vaginal muscles they use the muscles in their thighs too. A kegel is solely about using your vaginal muscles. Once you have the motion of a kegel set, try contracting your muscles and holding it for 5 seconds and then release. Doing this only 10 times in a row, three times a day can supposedly help strengthen your muscles down there.

What is better than an exercise you can do anywhere? Nothing. The best part of kegels is that no one needs to know you’re doing them. You can do them while you’re at home watching TV, in the office, on the phone or in bed with your man. As our co-worker and former Frisky editor, who we miss so much, Catherine, once told you about the way to strengthen your lady parts with semi-precious stone eggs there are many different ways to boost your kegel benefits. There are small vaginal weights called StepFree that can be inserted into your vagina to increase resistance and build muscle. Who knew that tightening your vaginal muscles had so many benefits!

So, ladies, does strengthening your vaginal muscles really help in so many ways that getting a personal trainer for vagina is worth it? What is your experience with vaginal exercises?