10 Startling Character Switcheroos

“Spider-Man” is headed back to the big screen for its fourth installment. But, no, this will not be another chance for you to oogle the boy-manness that is Tobey Maguire. See, it won’t be Tobey in the spidey suit; it’ll be a relative unknown named Andrew Garfield. (Though we predict that he’ll be a slight someone after “The Social Network,” aka “Facebook: The Movie.”) Earlier this year, Columbia pictures decided that they didn’t want Tobey, Kirsten Dunst, or director Sam Raimi back for the flick. Nope, they’re restarting the franchise and bringing Peter Parker back to high school. Which is strange considering the level of blockbuster the first three films were. Together they made more than $2.5 billion. Basically, the only good news about the new flick is that it’s being directed by Mark Webb, the man behind “500 Days of Summer.” [People] This has us thinking many things. First, why reboot a series whose last installment was only like five minutes ago? And second, why do TV shows and movies think they can get away subbing in new faces for characters we’ve already gotten used to? After the jump, a look back at other character switcheroos.
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