30-Day Breakup Guide: Day 28

To celebrate the publication of our first-ever book, The Frisky 30-Day Breakup Guide, we’re re-running the original series that inspired it, and having writer Maude Standish bravely road test the book’s expanded tasks and tips. So follow along, chart your own progress, and find out everything else you need to know to forget he-who-shall-not-be-named!

Get A Plant
Fine, so your last five attempts at keeping greenery died slow, painful deaths, but there’s always hope for new (plant) life. Hit up a garden store or greenhouse and pick out a small household plant in a nice, small pot. If necessary, ask the shopkeeper, “Which one will I be least likely to kill?” Then press him or her for some pointers on how to grow this sucker. Will you need to change pots eventually? Put it where the sun can beam down on it or in the shade? Water it daily or not that much? Keep the instructions in your noggin and then take your green friend home. You’re going to learn how to care for something that’s not a guy. Put your plant in an attractive location, and then stare at the new creature for a while. You’ll water it, coddle it, sing to it, or draw a sketch of it if you have to, but you’re not going to let this one die.

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