What Men Don’t Like About Single Women

Every day, single women devote countless hours to pondering the mystery of men. We analyze our behavior, their behavior, vocal nuances, hypothetical scenarios, even the punctuation of a text message, all in an effort to determine what they’re thinking, what they like and don’t like. When things go badly for no apparent reason, we meticulously comb every detail of every interaction for clues about what went wrong. Although remarkably little ink in men’s magazines is devoted to making over women or determining whether oft-cited flaws are terminal, guys have their own (mental) list of women’s undateable traits. Men from around the country agreed: they hate these five things that single women love. 1. Flakiness. From the big city to the high plains, the chief complaint men had about single women was that they’re too flakey. Not returning phone calls, texts or emails, last minute plan changes, lateness and not doing what you say you’re going to do is as frustrating to a guy as it is to you. Whether you’re into him or not, following the Golden Rule will earn his respect (and keep you from engendering Bad Date Karma). Read more

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