How To Throw A Backyard Bash On The Cheap

Bar tabs, cab fares, and cover charges — it’s all just too expensive sometimes! Money is tight this summer, but that doesn’t mean you need to cut down on your social gatherings. Why not bring the party back to your place to save yourself some dough? If going out too much is emptying your wallet, use these tips to throw the best backyard bash of the summer.

  • Make it a potluck: Have everyone bring their favorite dish. If one person provides the sangria, one person brings meat for the grill, and so on — you’ll hardly have to buy any snacks. Just keep track of who is bringing what so you don’t end up with seven side dishes and no desserts.
  • Vodka-soaked watermelon: Instead of breaking the piggy bank to buy all the alcoholic beverages, get creative with your drinks. Try vodka-soaked watermelon. Simply carve a hole in a watermelon. Pour a cup of vodka into the hole until it absorbs. Repeat until you’ve used the whole bottle of vodka. Let the watermelon soak in the refrigerator for at least a day before the party. Slice and serve. Delicious!
  • Have a bonfire: There’s no need to spend money on entertainment. Blast the stereo or set up a bonfire in your backyard for an old-fashioned campfire session. (Don’t forget to check local laws first.)
  • Divvy up the duties: Cut costs and prep time by having a few friends pitch in with decorating, party favors, paper goods, and post-party cleaning. If most of your activities are outside, don’t stress too much about decorating.
  • Save on invitations and phone minutes: Send out a mass Facebook event or Evite to save on postage costs. Tell your guests to bring their own beverages and come with plenty of fun game ideas.
  • DIY games: Convert a folding table into a beer pong table or make your own corn hole game. Break out a volleyball net or a basketball hoop, and you’ll be set. Who said you can’t have fun for free?