The 10 Juiciest Parts Of Cate And Elizabeth Edwards’ People Magazine Interview

Elizabeth Edwards is releasing her bestselling memoir Resilience in paperback and that means it’s time for a tell-all interview with People magazine. This time around, her eldest daughter, Cate Edwards, 28, joined her. Mother and daughter chatted with People about John Edwards’ philandering, the divorce, his lovechild Quinn, and how Elizabeth is staying strong throughout chemo treatments for her stage-4 cancer.

Elizabeth’s money quote about the Rielle Hunter paternity test debacle is boring — “John’s conduct through this whole thing was terrible” — and they don’t touch the sex tape with a 10-foot pole. But there’s still some juicy gossip to sift through, after the jump.

  1. Since the scandal broke, Elizabeth doesn’t read tabloids anymore and canceled the Google alert for her name.
  2. Elizabeth bought John lavender soap to give Rielle Hunter as a Christmas present “from” baby Quinn.
  3. None of the Edwards’ kids have asked to meet baby Quinn.
  4. The Edwards’ sold the $5.5 million “dream house” they built in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, four years ago.
  5. Is John Edwards still seeing Rielle Hunter? He says no, but Elizabeth says, “Obviously, I’m the last person in the world who knows the truth about these things.”
  6. Tragically, Elizabeth hopes to survive her stage-4 cancer for another eight years until her 10-year-old son, Jack, graduates high school.
  7. Tabloid reports that Elizabeth wants Cate to have custody of Jack and 12-year-old, Emma, instead of John? That’s complete BS.
  8. The couple decided to divorce after Christmas, when Elizabeth said she wanted to “quit reinventing and making excuses.” To break the news to the younger Edwards’ kids, she told them, “This is what’s happening. Do you need me to talk to you about why?” Jack and Emma said, according to their mom, “No, not really. We were here.”
  9. Cate still has a relationship with her dad. “My dad and I are still close,” she says. “We’re working on rebuilding a relationship as a family.”
  10. John, Elizabeth and the two younger kids are traveling together to Japan in July. “The sleeping arrangements will be different,” Elizabeth told People. I think that sounds … awkward, but what do I know?