Can You Spot A Male Virgin By His Ears?

While women have historically been subjected to all sorts of poking and prodding to see if their innocence is still intact, there has been no such comparable test for men. Until now. A woman in Vietnam claims to have a simple way to determine if a man still has his V-card. Pham Thi Hong, a medical practitioner in Hanoi, claims that men who are virgins have small red spots on the backs of their ears that disappear once they’ve done the deed. Oooookay. I wonder if there’s a scientific reason for that. And if so, why are we just hearing about this now?Hong was caring for a male prisoner, serving a sentence for gang rape, when she discovered that his red dots were still in place. She took this to mean that he could not have been guilty. Hong lobbied to have the case reopened when she examined two of the man’s alleged accomplices and found them to be virgins as well. But is her male virginity test legit? I am going to need a lot more convincing. [Huffington Post]