Next Up On “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey”: An Ashley/Danielle Smackdown

One of the biggest feuds on this season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” has been an unexpected one—between Ashley, Jacqueline’s teenage daughter, and Danielle Staub. The two apparently exchanged harsh words online, with Ashley starting an “I Hate Danielle Staub” Facebook group. Earlier this season, Danielle threatened to call the police when Ashley supposedly texted her threatening messages. But apparently, we’re about to witness a physical altercation between the two in July 12’s episode. In the season preview, we see a quick clip of Teresa charging toward Danielle at an event, followed by a quick shot of Jacqueline holding Ashley back, and Danielle closing a car door and saying, “Get her away from me.” I assumed the fight was between table-flipping Teresa and Danielle, but apparently, Ashley is involved, too. Evidently, Ashley attacked Danielle, pulling her hair and ripping out one of her extensions. Danielle charged Ashley with assault and she was found guilty. She had to pay a fine of $189, which is certainly more than Danielle’s nasty extension cost.

Ugh. We really wish Ashley would let it go and stop engaging Danielle, who is scary and seriously off her rocker.

At an event this week, Danielle talked about the incident and said that she actually relates to Ashley. “I was there at one point in my life. I can see in her a lot of what I was headed towards,” said Danielle. “Hopefully she’s at that crossroads where she’ll take the high road and she’ll make the right choices.”

Pot, meet kettle. [People]