And The Prize Goes To … The Best Look For American Living

Last week, we asked you to pick the American Living look that was made for your American lifestyle. Many of you recognized the casual and comfortable qualities of JCPenney’s American Living brand just from the photos, and one of you enjoyed the contest so much that you wrote a poem about it. But there could only be one winner. And she is … TreeseReese for this comment, which paints a complete picture of her American living:

“When I think of American Living, I picture a picnic on the 4th of July. In a lush green park with the famous red checkered table cloth adorning the old wooden picnic table, juicy hamburgers sizzling on the grill and the sound of children playing in the background.

Although the fifth outfit seems to be the most appropriate for the holiday (patriotic), the second fits right into my picture. The light colors of number two will keep you cool during the heat of the day and the capris will keep the evening chill off while watching fireworks. Look number two also has sensible flats so you can join in on a game of tag or catch some fireflies.

Out of all the looks, I would definitely wear number 2, I love the pattern on the top and the peach capris would make my summer tan stand out. Are these looks already for sale”

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