10 Tips To Keep You Healthy And Happy This July 4th Weekend

Independence Day is upon us, and the entire country will be celebrating the land of the free with picnics, music festivals, and parties galore. Whether you’re planning a beach day or roaming your city’s streets, you just gotta take care of yourself! To make sure you’re still going strong when the fireworks go off, check out these tips to keep you happy and healthy the whole day.

  1. Don’t wear denim pants. You will be hotter than a firecracker and regret your decision the second you step outside. Try cute shorts or a skirt instead.
  2. Bring Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover so you can enjoy the barbecue chicken without fear of ruining your white T-shirt (and/or possibly your mini-skirt) with a huge stain.
  3. Reapply, reapply, reapply. If you’re walking around the music festival all day in a tank top, then your shoulders are bound to fry. Bring sunscreen and slather it on all day long.
  4. Opt for a small cross-body bag instead of a tote bag or your usual purse, so you don’t get too weighed down. Uncle Sam wants you to be free to run around.
  5. Smart beats style on days like this. Wear your fabulous flats, but only if they’re comfortable and supportive. Blisters for the sake of fashion are not worth it when you’re walking a lot.
  6. Bring a lightweight sweater in case it gets chilly during the fireworks show.
  7. Feel free to wear your fedora or favorite floppy hat — it’s stylish and protective!
  8. If you’re deciding between real or fake jewelry, less is more. Fake beads can irritate your skin, especially if you’re outside getting hot and sweaty. Save the sparkle for the fireworks.
  9. Sunglasses are a must, but only wear them while you’re outside in the sun. No one is cool enough to wear their sunglasses at night.
  10. Save trends for another day. Wardrobe malfunctions caused by experimental outfits in the middle of a crowded picnic is not July 4th-chic.

Got any tips or tricks that might come in handy Fourth of July weekend? Share ‘em all in the comments!