Starz Cancels “Party Down”!?!? WTF?

I can accept that everything I love will die eventually. But I refuse to accept that Starz has canceled “Party Down.” I’ve been obsessed with the show from its inception—the series follows cater waiters who are all struggling to catch their big break in Hollywood. It was an exceptionally well-written show with one of the best casts on television. I want to blame vampires and reality TV, but I think in the case of “Party Down,” it was either the fact that all the actors got poached for other shows, that advertisers just weren’t going for it, or the fact that no one I know pays for Starz. Maybe all of the above. Sure, they lost Jane Lynch to “Glee,” Ryan Hansen to “Friends with Benefits” and the main character, Adam Scott to “Parks and Recreation.” And I guess Scott would have been hard to replace, but Lizzy Caplan, Ken Marino, Megan Mullally, and Kristen Bell could have compensated for the missing actors. “Party Down” already had a cult following with only two seasons under its belt. And what other shows does Starz even have? “Spartacus”? “Crash”? Is anyone watching those shows? Sheesh, this is almost as tragic as the canceling of “Freaks and Geeks”!

I’m sad because this show was like my anti-depressant. I’m usually satisfied with one or two laughs a show, but with “Party Down,” I could hardly catch my breath. It wasn’t just funny—it was also smart and honest. It accurately portrayed the rather bleak idea of treading water while waiting for your dream that, admittedly, may never come true. Living in LA, these real-life lost souls are a daily reminder that there are less talented people with much bigger dreams out there, so you might as well go for yours. At least that’s what I get from it. But I’m a depressive narcissist.

Anyway, it’s a sad day in television history. I’m going to pretend that another network will pick it up in the meantime. [Entertainment Weekly]