Would You Rather … Tattoo Your Own Name Or Your Boyfriend’s Name On Your Butt?

Welcome to Would You Rather, a game in which we concoct hypothetical style dilemmas and ask you to choose which option’s worse.

Today’s challenge: If you had to get a tattoo on your butt, and had only the choice between inking yourself with your own name or your boyfriend’s name, which would it be? And we’re not talking any small affair here, we’re talking full-out designed cursive, preferably with a heart or dove motif. The boyfriend’s name might work out in the end if you stay together for life … but if you split up, you will then have to explain to every new guy you sleep with who Pauly D, Ronnie or “The Situation” is. (Sorry, couldn’t help it.) Put your own name on there, and it’s kind of like branding yourself, but also a good reminder should you ever find yourself so drunk you can’t remember your name. (Eek, we hope not!) And to those readers who may already have their guy’s name or their own name tattooed down there, you can still play because you’re awesome.

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