The Tanning Tax And 5 More Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Fake Baking

The new tanning tax goes into effect today. And if you are upset about it, you shouldn’t be. Sure, it adds 10 percent to the cost of most fake bakes, but tanning is seriously bad for you anyway. If you absolutely can’t part with your brown summer hue, you can always go outside—because that is free. Or, you can spritz on some of that spray stuff for a nice glow. Alternatively, take a good, hard look at Lindsay Lohan and Snooki and think about whether you really are interested in getting that “weathered” look.

If the increased cost isn’t enough to dissuade you, here are you a few more reasons why you should steer clear of tanning beds.

  • Tanning beds emit UVA and UVB rays, which lead to increased risk of skin cancer, sagging and wrinkles. You may look cute and sun-kissed for a while, but keep it up and in 20 years you’ll look like a leather boot.
  • Some studies suggest that tanning is actually addictive. Sun exposure releases endorphins, similar to what an athlete experiences when working out. The euphoric sensation people get from tanning is what keeps them coming back, despite the known risks. Go for a run instead. [Science Daily]
  • If you think you are in the clear because you just fake bake once in a while, you are wrong. According to the World Health Organization, the first time someone enters a tanning bed, they increase their risk for melanoma by 75 percent.
  • Excessive UV exposure can actually mess up your immune system, making it easier to contract infections diseases. Especially ones found in hot tubs. OK, fine, I made that last sentence up.
  • Your eyes don’t like all that sun exposure either. The radiation makes your vision worse and can cause cataracts, whitish growths on your corneas, and eye inflammation. Yuck! [WHO]


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