Share Your Most Embarrassing & Ridiculous Workout Stories!

I’ll be honest — I always feel a little ridiculous when I go to the gym. There I am, walking on the treadmill, in between the buff dude pumping iron and the impeccably toned woman running effortlessly on a steep incline; it seems brutally obvious what a workout novice I am. Even in yoga, where I feel more at home, embarrassing moments occur: the occasional, sudden bout of audible gas, toppling over while attempting a fairly easy pose. There may have even been a queef once, when descending from shoulder stand. In short, Madonna, I am not. After the jump, a few of my fellow Frisky staff members share their workout bloopers — share yours in the comments and I’ll pick the best ones for a roundup next week!

“My dreams of becoming a black belt in karate in high school were smashed when after a few lessons the more advanced students were sparring with the beginners. And I went to kick this woman, but forgot to pull my toes back. She blocked the kick with her elbow and an extreme pain shot up my leg. She felt sorry for me, told me not to cry in front of the instructors, and took it easy on me for the rest of the class. I never went back after that, despite the fact that my then-stepfather had paid for lessons in advance.” – Annika

“Hmm, I threw up once during a yoga class. I had a fitness instructor tell me I needed to lose five pounds in front of the whole class. I asked my spinning instructor out on a date after taking his class for a year. When our date was bad I had to hide from him at the gym.” – Ami

“I used to work out at this boxing gym that was mostly men. It smelled bad, but they worked me hard and I lost 30 pounds. Prior to losing the weight, I was jumping rope one day and one of the trainers was staring at me, smiling. He didn’t speak English very well and had always given me the creeps, so I figured he was staring at my boobs or something. Then he said something to me that I couldn’t understand. I stopped skipping rope and asked him to repeat what he’d said. “You are VERY fat,” he grinned. Thanks, a**hole.”– Judy

“Two words: yoga farts.” – Jessica

“Oh! Once my best friend and I signed up for two months of kick-boxing lessons at a gym. We went religiously. For a week. One day, we were taking turns punching and kicking the massive bag thing and I guess I was a little too enthusiastic, because the whole room went silent as my bestie yelled, “Ow! My cooter!” We just started laughing hysterically and never came back after that.

“Also, when I was working at Missbehave magazine, we were all told we had to go to this ‘mandatory’ pole-dancing class at Crunch gym … on Easter Sunday. I was on day 10 of a master cleanse and was just barely functioning. No one else showed up except for the office assistant. I nearly passed out and could literally not lift my arms for two days. Jerks.” – Olivia

So fess up! What are the most embarrassing and ridiculous experiences you’ve had while working out?