Quick Tip Of The Day: Acidophilus Is Key To Being A Healthy Woman

I went to the gyno yesterday and learned something very interesting. Acidophilus, a probiotic that helps promote healthy bacteria in the body, is not only important for good digestion, but it is also very good for preventing yeast infections. While yeast infections can happen at any time of the year for many different reasons, they’re extremely prevalent in the summer because of the heat and frequent sweating in the lower region. Birth control pills and antibiotics are also known to be popular causes of what Amelia likes to call “the crotch monkeys.” In order to prevent the yeastie beasties, my doctor suggested that I ingest a live culture acidophilus capsule once daily. He also said that if I am going swimming, will be in very hot and sweaty conditions, or if I need to take antibiotics, then I should insert one capsule vaginally at nighttime to promote healthy bacteria in my body. I’ve tried this technique to treat a yeast infection and it worked, but you should check with your doctor first. After the jump, find a couple ways that you can take acidophilus to help your digestive tract as well as your vagina.

  • Yogurt: Some yogurt naturally contains acidophilus. The amount of acidophilus in the yogurt depends on how processed the yogurt is. If it is natural yogurt, you can check the label and see if it contains acidophilus and if it has live cultures. The more natural the yogurt, the better it is for you, and live cultures are best. Some doctors even recommend putting purely natural plain yogurt with absolutely no flavor into the vagina as a way of providing acidophilus as a treatment for a yeast infection. You would probs want to wear a pad after doing this though or risk, uh, ruining your panties.
  • Acidophilus capsules: As I’ve already stated, acidophilus capsules can be taken orally. The capsules that need to be refrigerated contain live cultures, which are more efficient. You can pick up these capsules at a health food store such as Whole Foods Market. Local pharmacies and drugstores usually sell the capsules that don’t contain live acidophilus.