Jessica Simpson’s “Price Of Beauty” Could Now Be A Makeover Show

Breaking news: something disappointing is getting even more disappointing. We’ve always been unimpressed with Jessica Simpson’s show, “The Price of Beauty,” in which she and her best friends, Ken Paves and Cacee Cobb, travel around the world to discover what “beauty” means in other cultures.

But scratch that idea. Now it could become a makeover show.A source tells US Weekly the show “is being retooled” for season two, which will air on VH1 in 2011. Instead of Simpson and pals traveling the world, she may give makeovers to people closer to home instead.

Even though I thought Jessica Simpson — she of the Restylane fish lips and crash diets — was always the wrong woman to host a feel-good, body-positive show, I still thought traveling the globe to examine “beauty” in other cultures was a good idea. So many opportunities to be educational! So much promise!

Then I watched the first episode and wanted to hide my American passport. That girl horrified me. As I described in my recap:

“The Price of Beauty” was a rather embarrassing display about rude American tourists who make inappropriate jokes and shriek, squeal and squirm when offered strange food. When Miss American Pie Jessica Simpson burst into a fit of sniggering giggles while meditating in a Buddhist temple with a Thai monk, I covered my eyes with my hands and winced.

At least we Americans won’t be horrifying other countries with that behavior anymore.

But does TV really need yet another makeover show? [US Weekly]