5 Things We Would Like To See In The “Top Gun” Sequel

We’re approaching July 4th, and that means celebrating our country via lots of drinking, eating, and pyrotechnics. Here’s some news that could add an extra dash of excitement to your Independence Day—there is talk of Tom Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer working together to make a “Top Gun” sequel. There are few movies that get more A-mur-rican than “TG,” what with the arena rock, fast planes, machismo and vague wars. In a recent interview, Bruckheimer said that ideas for the project have been “kicked around” but that they are having trouble figuring out a way to: a) incorporate today’s technology and b) work Cruise’s character Maverick as an older dude into a story that still has the same kick-butt cheesy vibe as the original. [MTV]

Well, we have some ideas! Here are our suggestions on how to make this potential sequel fresh without losing the patriotic ’80s flavor that made it a classic.

  1. Forget Kelly McGillis. Maverick needs a new love interest! We are thinking real-life wife Katie Holmes should be the one to share a motorcycle ride with Cruise’s character while love ballads play in the background. It could prove to be interesting, or perhaps painful, to watch TomKat’s chemistry be put to the test.
  2. I am hoping that Maverick has had some cocky aviator-clad offspring by now, so he can teach them the awesomeness of aviation and finally deal with those disappearing daddy issues. Plus, they could cast a kid with one of Hollywood’s hot young guns, like Mark Salling of “Glee” or Liam Hemsworth.
  3. If Maverick is making a comeback, then Val Kilmer’s role as Iceman better be represented, too. Try giving Kilmer’s character a troubled time in the military after completing Top Gun training. So troubled that he decides to give it up and open up an ice cream shop instead. It’s cute and full of puns.
  4. How about … Maverick recently retired from the armed forces and is now working as a commercial airline pilot. The plane could be attacked by terrorists that Cruise somehow fights off with cunning and cocktail shakers, ending the film with one of his signature control tower fly-bys. Booyah!
  5. “Top Gun” isn’t “Top Gun” without “Take My Breath Away.” While the tune should be in the sequel, it doesn’t need to be the original version by Berlin. Jessica Simpson covered the song a few years back, but I think it is time a guy gives it a shot. How about Justin Bieber?