20 More Things Men (Maybe) Don’t Know About Women

A couple months ago, we asked our male readers and the guys in our lives to reveal some things about their gender we ladies might not know. We posted their replies in “25 Things Women (Maybe) Don’t Know About Men.” Well, now it’s our turn to tell guys a thing or two about us they may not already know. We asked, and you ladies answered. Earlier this week we posted 20 things men (maybe) don’t know about women, but we weren’t done yet! After the jump, 20 more things men (maybe) don’t know about women.1. “A simple pat on the butt in a bar, the kitchen, after a lunch date will get you more than you know. ” — Heather, 27

2. “Dear Gents: Most women are very aware of their bodies, and know what they like or dislike. When we tell you these things, we aren’t issuing you a personal challenge; it’s simply a proclivity. You should feel great that we’re comfortable enough with you to be honest about what turns us on — or off. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other things we love about having sex with you, or we wouldn’t be doing it.” — Emma, 24

3. “Not all women are clingy and needy, huge misconception there. I WANT you to go out with your boys and give me one or multiple nights alone.” — Sara, 28

4. “We really do prefer girth over length.” — Zandria, 28

5. “You know how, as a man, you like a little suction during blow jobs? Guess what — the clit is the same (if not more intense) than your penis. Give me a little suction while goin’ downtown and peel me off the ceiling!” — Lynn, 29

6. “Something that is frustrating about being a woman is that we have to put more money into our upkeep than men do. Most of us buy bras, pads/tampons, makeup, jewelry, etc. It gets costly!” — Kim, 26

7. “Even if a girl is super turned on by you, and may even be incredibly wet, it’s always better to use lube (or at least have some handy). It doesn’t reflect poorly on you, she just wants sex to be even better!” — Allison, 19

8. “Guys, we want to see that you love your mom. If you’re good to her, we know you’ll be good to us.” — Simcha, 27

9. “A reassuring hug and kiss out of the blue is all we need sometimes to make our day!” — Crystal, 27

10. “Forget that three-day rule when it comes to phone calls. If we like you, the sooner you call the better.” — Caryn, 31

11. “How was your day?” and “I’m sorry” are phrases we’d love every man to have in his vocabulary.” — Ami, 31

12. “Lemme hold you … it appeals to my maternal instincts and is so intimate for me to be the spooner and the spoonie.” — Lynn, 29

13. “You can usually end a fight (or win one) by kissing our necks.” — Jenna, 21

14. “If you want a chance with a girl or if you’re in a relationship and want to get laid, say the magic words: no no, let me do that. Find your girl when she’s about to do something she hates (taking out the trash or moving something heavy to her new apartment) and help her by doing something unpleasant for her. Be glad to do it and she will happily see you as the awesome guy who moved a bookcase up a flight of stairs in the muggy summer heat because you wanted to help. More than likely, she’ll be so appreciative she’ll give you a chance … or a blowie.” — Kristen, 22

15. “I don’t know if it’s the estrogen or what, but everything seems A-OK when my head is resting on the shoulder of a good man and I take a minute to breathe him in. Testosterone, deodorant, sweat, skin, who cares: that smell is the best thing in the entire world.” — Ashley, 30

16. “Dressing up to make your or our ex jealous is ridiculously gratifying for us.” — Sonia, 27

17. “Men, even if we live together, we still want (some of us desperately want) to be taken out on a formal date. Bring a change of clothes to work, don’t come home, but call and tell us to get dressed up, pick us up at the door, and take us to dinner.” — Lacey, 21

18. “If you have a large nose, show it off with pride! Many of us are attracted to it as a sign of virility.” — Tricia, 21

19. “Guys who fully plan a thoughtful date, from picking a place based on our interests to reading reviews and making reservations, score MAJOR points with us.” — Annie, 29

20. “Pay attention to our nonverbal cues when we’re on a date. If we’re leaning in, touching you on your arm, or flipping our hair a lot, we are SO into you (and would probably welcome a kiss).” — Wendy, 33