White T-Shirts Are Not OK In Philly

Philadelphia Senator Anthony Williams has decided that there’s an interesting juxtaposition between crime and style, and is cracking down on the city’s issues by addressing the fashion choices of a few residents. This morning, during an announcement from the Mayor, Williams mentioned that extra funds from the city’s budget are going to be devoted to stopping the “white-T culture” in Philadelphia. Essentially, he feels that by eliminating the ability to derive power from their common look, the Senator believes he’ll effectively decrease the power of street gangs who hang around on the city’s corners in huge white T-shirts. “We’re penetrating the veil of silence,” he said of the decision. “During these tough economic times, we have to set our priorities and be a role model for the country. These children are looking for us to stand up for them, and we have to turn this ‘white-T culture’ in a different direction.” I hate to say it, but, uh, I don’t think the solution to ending gang violence is as easy as banning white T-shirts. What do you think? Could nixing the white T-shirt culture really help change the crime problems of the city? And what about people who aren’t in gangs who want to wear white T-shirts? [Styleite]